Social Media Week


A couple of St. John Fisher’s Media and Communications students created and ran Fisher’s first Social Media Week. The week long event featured speakers Monday November 14th through Friday November 18th, ranging from personal branding to social media analytics, and everything in between. Everyone on campus was welcome to attend, and each night had an impressive turn out.

The students that founded Social Media Week, Ashley Grates and Rachel Zalewski, are part of Fisher’s student run agency The PRIMA Group. With the help of other members of the group, namely Alexandra Hristodoulou, these students reached out to many Media professionals in the Rochester area, having them featured in events throughout the week.

Leah Stacy and Pete Wayner speaking to their captive audience.

The week started with a Brand Yourself workshop on Monday, featuring Rochester professionals Leah Stacey: Communications Professor at Nazareth College and Co-founder of Upstate Social, and Pete Wayner: Content Manager at Dixon Schwabl. They spoke about how to get noticed, being known for something, and staying consistent to create a top notch personal brand, and starting now!

Tuesday featured Jess DiLuglio: Social Media Manager for Dixon Schwabl, and Jim Mignano: Senior Account Executive at Text 1oo. They were featured in a Jobs in Social Media panel, where they talked about what they do for their jobs on a daily basis, and some of the most important aspects of a job in social media. They finished with advice to the audience about things that will make us stand out when applying for jobs in the social media field.

Craig Troskosky from Edelman Intel.

Craig Troskosky from Edelman Intel spoke at Wednesday’s Social Media Week event, discussing analytics, how important they are, and how to best use them when working in social media. He even used St. John Fisher’s very own Professor Arien Roselle’s social media accounts to demonstrate just how powerful a tool analytics can be, and showed how we all have an influence online.

Thursday night Rachel, Ashley, and Alexandra hosted a St. John Fisher Alumni Panel, which featured Mandy Bly: Account Coordinator at Launch Team Inc., Jill Alaimo: Account Assistant at Tipping Point Communications, Andrew Knoblauch: Social and Digital Media Supervisor at Dixon Schwabl, and Katrina Busch: President at Roberts Communications. The alums answered various questions about starting out and getting noticed in the workforce, what they do at their jobs now, and what they look for in interns. The panel provided lots of insight, and valuable advice to the audience of current Fisher students looking to make it into the same fields.

From left to right: Mandy Bly, Andrew Knoblauch, Katrina Busch, and Jill Alaimo.

The week was capped off with a Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media panel comprised of Ashley, Rachel, and various students from Nazareth College. They talked about not sharing too much online, and the best ways to use social media to your advantage for communicating with professionals. The event ended with a discussion between panel and audience members about best uses of social media.

All throughout the week, the events were being live tweeted with the hashtag #SocialSJFC, and snap-chatted using a filter created by Ashley Grates. All in all, St. John Fisher’s very first Social Media Week was a grand success, and we hope to see it grow in the years to come.

Written by: Allison Rudy
Photo Credits: 
Social Media Week Logo: Ashley Grates
Brand Yourself Event: Arien Rozelle
Analytics Event: Alexandra Hristodoulou
Alumni Panel: Jake Allen 

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